A Rough Week

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It has been a rough week. So many things went wrong and there was so much to complain about in my complicated life.

Let me think about that.

I was horribly tired and stressed from traveling so much, from being jet-lagged and stuck in the wrong timezone for days and days. Nothing seemed to go right at work. But I don’t toil at mindless, dangerous tasks for twelve hours a day in a Chinese factory, so toxic that I won’t live long enough to see my children grow up.

No, I am lucky.

My kid won’t do her piano practice and wants to play on her iPad all the time and it seems like an endless cycle of conflict. But I’m not selling my children to give them a pathetic hope of a better future. A hope that is a hideous lie of prosperity. A hope that becomes slavery and prostitution just to line the pockets of human-trafficking thugs who profit from the desperate misery of children.

No, I am lucky.

I was hungry every day because I was watching what I ate, in anticipation of the holiday gluttony. But I wasn’t hungry because there was no food and won’t be any food for days on end, even until I am eating dirt. I am not starving and weak, horrified by the sight of my children dying in front of my eyes because I cannot feed them.

No, I am lucky.

There were police and troops at the entrance to the subway, checking people’s backpacks and I wondered about my safety. But I don’t live in fear that armed men will break down my door and rape and murder my family before dragging me away to be imprisoned and tortured.

No, I am lucky.

We complain about our lives in paradise while others suffer in a man-made hell, surrounded by hatred and horror. We complain about the meaningless trivia that disturbs our otherwise perfect existences while others are raped and murdered. We complain about nothing at all while others watch helplessly as their children starve to death.

No, some are lucky. Some are not.

Yeah. It’s been a rough week. And I am the luckiest man alive.


  1. This is beautiful. I’d also like to share an idea with you. I’ve learned something earlier this week, I seemed to notice a pattern of behaviour that’s been consistent throughout my life. A lot of what I do comes from a fear of consequences, or a negative initiative (sort of, if you get what I mean). So I get up and go to work in the morning because I don’t want to be yelled at, I go to university because I don’t want to waste money, I pray because I fear the consequences of not. A friend recently pointed that out and told me that my trouble in finding happiness in these activities comes from the root. Emotions and thoughts prior to the experience itself. Although, a lot of what motivates me includes remembering people who aren’t so privileged, I know that it may get me through the day, but I’ll be falling back into the same loop of “where is my happiness?”. Anyways, I’m working on it. And it’s just an idea. Maybe consider this AND a different approach for a try.

    • Sara – I used to be exactly where you are. The difference now is I focus on what I want to be, what I want to achieve and what I want for people around me. I know that sounds selfish but it’s not like that. It’s about having dreams and goals and living to fulfill those. It has to be something in the future. Yes, we live in the present. But we live for the world that is yet to be. John

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