The Boy Who Lived With Ghosts

The Boy Who Lived with Ghosts:  A True Story of Childhood Haunting87487370

The Boy Who Lived with Ghosts will be released in paperback on July 1st 2013 and a short while later in e-book format.

This is a funny but tragic tale of poverty, abuse, addiction, insanity and death.  It is the true story of a small boy haunted by many ghosts, told uniquely through his eyes.  The boy is relentlessly resourceful, living in a decaying house with a grandfather who thinks he is a train, an alcoholic father who has gone to see a man about a dog and a diminutive Scottish grandmother who has a deceptively powerful right punch.  He suffers physical abuse and the horror of being locked in the cellar by his sister while he continually tries to come to terms with the ghost of a man who hanged himself in the toilet.

His mother slowly slips into her own world of delusion and depression and the boy knows that he must find the cause of his mother’s madness before it is too late.  But the sound of a screaming girl in the attic convinces him that his house is haunted and confirms his belief that the spirit of the man who hanged himself in the toilet is intent on killing the family.

The boy grows through the story into an adolescent who is ready to take on the world and survive.  The ghosts, however, will be with him forever.

This is my story. I hope you will find time to read it, to share it and to be helped by the belief that we can all find humor and survival, even in the face of tragedy.

Till then,

John Mitchell


  1. Vicki Newton says:

    Will definitely get your book, and thanking God for the strength and humor he gave you to get through this. God bless you. You may be the vessel through which thousands of others keep their sanity and lives.

    • Thank you Vicki. You are so right. It is my hope and wish that others will find a way to get through trauma and live fulfilling lives. With warmest regards. John

  2. Well, a BIG congratulations to you– you found a publisher!! I wish you every success and can’t wait to read the book! Hope you will post a reminder just before it comes out. Many good wishes!

  3. I am trying to find a copy for sale in the uk but struggling. I have recommended your book to a friend too, so when we have both purchased and read, we will come and review 🙂 I also believe sharing the times that are the hardest in our lives can help others get through something they can feel very frightened and alone experiencing.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi Eileen!

      I must agree with you – sharing does help to relieve the pain and the fear. My book is now available on (there was a problem with shipping but that is now resolved). Take care. John

  4. Hi John

    • Me and a few friends have been wanting to read your book but we are struggling to find it anywhere, can you suggest where we can get a copy ? We are from the UK. Thanks Theresa x

    • Hi Theresa – the book is available in paperback and Kindle editions on The Kindle edition is currently on special offer! John

  5. I am looking forward to reading your book, but it is not available as an ebook on Kobo yet. Do you. Know when or if it will be?

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