You Are Not Alone

I didn’t know that life would be like this. I didn’t know that part of me would have to live in that dark cellar forever. And  then I was here, thinking and being the person that I am and wondering about everything. Life unfolds itself on you. For some, it is a warm blanket that keeps out the cold shrill wind of existence. For others, it is a devastating grief that works its way into everything that we hoped to be, destroying our ambitions and creating our deepest fears. And then we are here. Thinking, knowing and being.

I know, like you, that we can have more than this. We spent our teenage years dreaming about what we would become, about the things we would create and the person who would change the world. And then the real world started and we are here wondering what it is all about. And crying inside for something, knowing how it ends.

But every one of us has the will, the opportunity, the need to create the future. To no longer live in the past, terrified of something we cannot see that lives in the darkness of the cellar. We are able to change. Able to be something more than we are.

Start today. Don’t even think about it. Break out of the cellar that your mind has put you in and be something more, something that you planned to be, something that was meant to be. Don’t be the lyrics of the same sad song that plays over and over inside your head.

Life isn’t over. It isn’t the lyrics of a song. It’s just here and we are not just passing through. And we control it. If only we knew. That’s it. Start today. Climb out of the cellar. Climb out of the darkness.

And even if you are not afraid or do not live in the darkness, know this. There is no future without you.

And I will not let you be alone.


    • I’m honored, Ellen! You know I give without wanting anything in return. Sharing our compassion is what is so important to me and has been even when I was a child. Take care, dear friend. John

  1. John please tell me the easiest way to end the “I cannot do it” thing inside me. Every morning I wake up deciding to struggle hard and never give up but as the day passes that never giving up spirit just disappears. How can I become consistent with my decisions ?

  2. Thank you!!! John.


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