There’s a Ghost in Our Toilet

A man hung himself in our toilet.  This would have been fine but he had the same name as me.  Mum said not to worry about it but that was easy for her to say.  Nana said his eyes were bulging out like my marbles, the big green ones.  He took his shoes off first and hung himself with his tie from the water pipes.  That’s how she found him, dead, swinging in the toilet.  So I had to worry about it.

Our toilet had no light.  It was out the backdoor and halfway down the yard.  Only someone with really bad diarrhea would go there in the middle of the night.  I held everything in, although we could always piss in the pot under the bed.

Dad never liked to empty his piss pot.  And it was always full after a night at the pub.  Sometimes he just threw it out of the bedroom window.  That would be sure to start some bad fights with people passing in the street below.  He left it to Nana to argue with them because she could punch a man so hard he wouldn’t get back up.

I always ran past the toilet door but you have to go eventually.  And I’ve had to live with that ghost every time I go.  The ghosts inside your head are the worst ones.  If they’re missing any detail, you can just fill it in.  Then they come alive and live with you forever.

Are you living with ghosts?  In that case, you’re not alone.


  1. Wow, John. This is awesome. It reminds me of the ghost in the girls’ bathroom in Harry Potter. 🙂

    But of course, while I was reading the whole story, I was thinking about what you ended up stating in your closing. We certainly do carry ghosts, in all kinds of metaphorical ways.

    • Thanks again! Most of the ghosts that haunt us sit in our unconscious minds, shaping and distorting our conscious reality. It’s taken a lifetime for me to realize this and be able to do something about it!


      • Christian Singer says:

        John, other than write, how did you deal with those ghosts?

      • Hi Christian! I think it helps to acknowledge them and talk about them with someone who understands. I have also found as time passes it gets a little bit easier to deal with but they never go away. John

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