It Was a Very Good Year

That fortune-teller in New Orleans said I would have a really, really great year.  She was very convincing.  It was 2001.  That was the year I lost my job, had a massive car crash and my wife ran off with her tango partner.  If I’d had a dog, he would have died.  I left for Houston.

About this time of year I always ask myself if I’m having a great year.  But I wonder if we even know what it means to have a great year?

If you like champagne, then the answer is “1996”.  In champagne vintages, this rare year produced grapes that were unique in both their extraordinary ripeness and high acidity and are often compared to 1928 – the greatest champagne vintage on record.  I would suggest the Pol Roger, Champagne Brut “Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill” 1996.”

If you are an astronomer, then the answer is “one complete precession of the equinox.” The Earth slowly and continually changes its axis of rotation due to gravitational pull.  Hence, Polaris will not always be our North Star.  So we only get one Great Year every 25,765 years.

And, according to the Frank Sinatra song, you get very good years at seventeen, twenty-one, and thirty-five.  After which the days grow short.  Then you should see yourself as a fine old keg from the brim to the dreg.

Of course, the fortune-teller was right.  I found my second wife in Houston.  And she is from New Orleans.

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