Famous Strangers

I was heading to the toilet on my flight from Bermuda to New York when I saw Eminem.  He was way in the back of the plane in-between two women.  He didn’t look very happy.  Of course, I realized soon enough it wasn’t Eminem.  I’m sure he travels in a private jet and would not be mixing with the general hoi-polloi on United Airlines.  And I know he wouldn’t be sitting in a middle seat.  So this means I have recognized a stranger to be someone I know but have not met who is not him.

I am very disturbed by this latest development.  Recognizing someone famous I have never actually met is just a waste of emotion.  All of that sudden rush of adrenaline at finding yourself face-to-face with someone you have admired and seen in movies and YouTube and listened to all his music and trying to think of something intriguing or mysterious to say instead of stuttering, “Aren’t you, er, you know, Marshall Mathers?”

And he would reply, “Just lettin’ you know that you’re not alone.”

Only to find out that he’s just another stranger.  But at least I know his real name.

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