The Cat is Dead

We knew the cat was dead because she was very flat.  She didn’t even look like a cat.  Mum said it was her time but Dad said it was a bus.  They found her outside the public library where my Mum got her books.  When we cried, Mum said Boots was now in Heaven.

At five years old, I knew there was a lamb in Heaven.  I thought there was also a donkey.  Now there was a cat.  I was fairly sure that Judy was in Heaven too.  She was our dog but Dad had to take her out in the backyard and kill her with the coal shovel because she kept running around in circles and biting herself.  It was only a matter of time before she would bite me or my sister.  So she had to die but we weren’t allowed to watch.

Nana said we will all go to Heaven one day.  Unless we are sinners, in which case we will go to hell to live with the Devil and burn in a lake of fire.  Luckily, at five years old, I was not a sinner.  But I wanted to see Heaven.

When I heard that Johnny Cash had seen Heaven I wanted to know something.  He had a near-death experience when he underwent open heart surgery and he talked of  a Heaven that was so beautiful that he was angry when he woke up alive.  But he didn’t say anything about seeing animals.

I don’t want to be angry to be alive.  Time heals, so I’m not so worried anymore about seeing our cat in Heaven.  But I want to know if my Dad is there.  And my Nana.  I still miss them.

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