There Is Only One You

If there are only one hundred people in this world and each one of us is 70,000,000 people, then there are some additional things to think about.  I think of them simply as Recognizing a Stranger Rules.  For instance, if I get a Twitter following of more than one hundred and there are only one hundred people in the world, then it is obvious that some people are following me more than once.  This is not a problem because of Rule 1.

Rule 1: There is only one you.  We do not exist in our heads as millions of people all at the same time.  That would be utterly confusing and possibly dangerous when operating machinery.  To exist in your head as multiple people is fine so long as they are all you.  Hence, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious minds.  Also, parent, adult, child.  And Id, ego, super-ego.  Past, present, future.  You get the drift.  But they are all you.  If you exist in your head as multiple people at the same time this means that you are simply delusional, you are hearing imaginary voices or you have a food allergy.

This happened to my sister and it turned out she was not allergic to peanuts but was in fact a paranoid schizophrenic.  An important distinction is that a schizophrenic does not believe herself to be multiple people but believes in the existence of multiple people inside her head who do not in reality exist.

The alter ego is also different because you created it.  So too are imaginary people that you have invented inside your head, particularly carried over from childhood.  You know they are not real.  So stop pretending.

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